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Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys are made up of approximately 1,700 islands with most of them being uninhabitable mangrove islands. It's a beautiful, fun, and quirky place to visit!


Key Largo– Mile Marker 112.5-93

Tavernier– Mile Marker 93-91

Islamorada-Mile Marker 91-73

Marathon-Mile Marker 53-47

Key West– Mile Marker 5-0

vinatge map of florida keys



When coming to the Keys I prefer to fly into Fort Lauderdale over Miami. The airport is usually less crowded and most of the time I can find cheaper flights. Southwest only flies out of here, so that’s a reason as well. It’s about 30-40 minutes farther than Miami, but can be worth it. I also like to fly into West Palm Beach. You can find some really good deals, and the airport is amazing. It is such a breeze, and for me worth the drive at times. I highly recommend checking into this airport if you are flying into South Florida. The extra drive time isn’t that bad unless you are driving during rush hour times. Regarding rush hour try to schedule your flights around it. If you land around 4/5 pm expect to sit in traffic for hours.


We would suggest renting a car but if you choose not to you can take the Keys Shuttle down here from the airport. The shuttle can be expensive, and you more than likely will share it with others and have to stop along the way.

If you don’t want to rent a car you can also hire an Uber. You can get an Uber from Miami to the Keys for around $100.

There is only one way in and out of the Keys which is US-1 (Overseas Highway) and it is only 2 lanes wide in most spots so give yourself extra time in case of traffic. Your quickest option is to take the Florida Turnpike (toll road) which eventually turns right into US-1. If you take I-95 it also turns into US-1, but it is much longer as you have to go through Miami with a lot of lights and traffic.

When you get to the Keys you will notice everyone gives directions using Mile Markers. They will also tell you if a business is oceanside or bayside. If you are heading south oceanside is on your left and bayside is on your right.



We are always adding more so check back!

  1. Islamorada- even though Winn-Dixie is bigger and seems cheaper I have started buying my food from the Trading Post and Fresh Market (on Mondays). Even though I am paying a little more the food I am buying stays fresher longer, and I have found I am not throwing away as much as I used to.
  2. Key Largo- If you want to snorkel I would go with Reef Roamer or another snorkel boat. Going on the dive boat seems great, but not only do they cater more to the divers (it is a dive boat) but it will be more expensive.
  3. Key West- For places to stay, I have found that staying at the NYAH has been the most economical and best spot. They are not only close to the action, but they are fairly cheap. The place is nice, and you can take big groups of people.

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