How the dinosaur game will keep you entertained without the internet


So I have been both living and fishing on a sportfishing boat with a bunch of fellas now for almost 3 weeks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Most of the time while we are out fishing there is zero reception.

How does one stay occupied you ask during 8 hour days on the seas?

1.Well, there is the option of cleaning out all of those pesky photos you never look at on your computer.

2.Staring out at the water hoping to see dolphins or something super cool.

3.Take lots of pictures and videos.

4.When the opportunity comes along reel in a fish or two yourself.

5.My favorite of them all has to be the dinosaur offline game on Google Chrome.

So how do I play this glorious game? Well, it’s super easy. 

1.First off you click on your google chrome icon on your phone

2.Since you are offline you will see the little dinosaur pop up on your screen in the upper left corner.

3.Tap the dinosaur and you are set to play!

He automatically runs, so when you come upon an obstacle swipe anywhere on your screen and he will jump over it.

Each time you hit a milestone (100 points, 200 points, etc) he will speed up, or new obstacles will appear.

image of offline dino gameimage of chrome dinosaurimage of offline dino game