Sunday, February 25, 2018


Isla Mujeres, Mexico Fishing

Fishing in Isla Mujeres, Mexico was lots of fun! Isla Mujeres is one of the...
image of giant snowy grouper

How To Deep Drop Like A Pro

COMMON ASKED QUESTIONS How do you know where to deep drop? Find current if possible. It’s all...
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Bill's Fish Count 2016

Swordfish 32
Sailfish 28
White Marlin 133
Blue Marlin 18
Spearfish 5

Bill's Fish Count 2017

Swordfish 10
Sailfish 21
White Marlin 27
Blue Marlin 4
Spearfish 0

image of drone
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Some of our favorite catches

snowy grouper image
image of florida keys sailfish
image of big mahi
image of marlin
image of big swordfish with tred barta