Sunday, February 25, 2018

Funny things from the internet

Top 5 funny pictures of the week

After browsing the internet the past week these were our favorite funny pictures of the week. truth isn't this always the case? i know a few people...

Top 5 Funniest Water Related Pictures

This week we are going with a bit of a water theme and list our 5 favorite funniest water-related pictures since summer is around...

Top 3 Funniest Pictures This Week

So, here it is! Our top 3 favorite funny pictures of the week! I told my waiter I was sick and this is what she...


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Isla Mujeres, Mexico Travel Guide

Have you ever wondered what's it like to travel to Isla Mujeres, Mexico? Is it cheap, pretty, safe? We learned quite a bit in...

Isla Mujeres Food Tips

I learned a lot about Isla Mujeres and their dining during our months stay there. Here is a list of our Isla Mujeres food tips.   When you...

The Best Hotel App For Your Travels

Anytime we travel we seek out the nearest Hilton. They are by far our favorite hotel to stay out with a great combo of...
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Blue Mojito

Cooking Hacks

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