Isla Mujeres Food Tips


I learned a lot about Isla Mujeres and their dining during our months stay there.

Here is a list of our Isla Mujeres food tips.

image of mexican queso


When you travel to Mexico you have all of these food expectations- or at least I did. I couldn’t wait to sit down and have the most amazing chips and queso, a good ole taco, and guacamole.

You will be a little surprised by the difference in “our” Mexican food and real Mexican food. As Americans, we tend to change things up a bit, and we definitely do when it comes to Mexican food.

On our first night, I was so excited to order one of my all time favorites- chips, queso, and guacamole. As I excitedly ordered it the waiter gave me a puzzled look and said “queso?” I then replied yes, and he gave me an ok if that’s what you really want look and walked off.

When we were served our chips and “queso” it was just that. Tortilla chips and shredded cheese. We didn’t realize you had to ask for melted queso. Anyway, we all laughed and knew better for next time. Even when you order melted queso it’s different. Our is creamy, and theirs is more like putting cheese in a microwave and when you take it out its kind of like play dough texture. We had to cut it with a knife everytime.

Now for my other favorite- guacamole. On their menus it’s “smashed avocado”, and again they are very precise with what they say. It is literally smashed avocado. It’s fantastic, but you won’t find guacamole like in the states with limes, tomatoes, salt, and everything else added to it.

One thing we found out is on Isla Mujeres it’s ok to drink their water and ice in restaurants, especially in the downtown area. They bring in the ice and water, so it’s not going to give you Montezuma’s Revenge.

Since we were there just over a month we were able to hit up most of the restaurants. It’s great to go downtown and eat. It’s lively, and you can enjoy a mariachi band or groups that walk along the street and perform. If a performer walks up to you and asks if you want him to sing a song it will cost you a few dollars. They don’t tell you this until after they are done playing. It seemed like most charged around $5 per song.

Don’t be surprised to have dogs and cats come sit at your table and beg for food. They roam the streets and are always looking for a handout at outdoor tables.

They have cops who walk around the downtown area constantly, so you are pretty safe at night when going out to dinner.