Fishing in Isla Mujeres, Mexico was lots of fun! Isla Mujeres is one of the best places in the world to sailfish. We took the Fishbone boat there in search of good practice for the summer tournament season.

While we were there the Fishbone Fishing Team competed in the Isla Mujeres Island Time Sailfish Tournament and walked away with a 3rd place angler and biggest wahoo award!

While we were there we mainly fished for sailfish and practiced for the tournament. We didn’t do too bad, but it wasn’t 30 fish per day busy like it has been in the past.

When you sailfish you follow the birds. The birds usually signal where the bait balls are, and where there are bait balls there are more than likely sailfish. As we fished and followed the bait balls we had dive boats following us trying to get on the fish as well. It got a little hectic at times with all of the boats but was it interesting to see everyone trying to get on the same fish.

While we were out one day we found this makeshift Mexican fishing lure made out of a soda bottle and other trash.

Here is our video showing breakdown of our trip


Getting there was an adventure itself. We had to drive from Islamorada, Fl to Key West, Fl. In Key West we had to go through customs, pass a pest inspection, and get a full tank of fuel. We spent the night in Key West, and left at 2 a.m. for Isla Mujeres.

The trip over was pretty boring for the most part. We had to stop once to check our trim tabs, and that was about all the excitement. We were 12 miles off of Cuba, so we never were able to see the coast. I was expecting to see whales and who knows what other marine life. My mind had all of these ideas of what we would see. Unfortunately, we only saw a few dolphins and flying fish.

Fifteen hours later we arrived in Isla Mujeres. Once there we checked into Mexican customs and immigration. They came on board the boat and did an inspection, and we all had to get mini health check-ups to make sure we weren’t sick.

It was a long ride, but worth the experience in the end.