Isla Mujeres, Mexico tips and tricks


During my month long stay in Isla Mujeres, Mexico I learned some tips and tricks along the way. It’s a great place to experience some different things than we do in the United States.

Between golf cart driving tips to gettingĀ groceries we have it all.



This drive-thru gas station is a great place to get your beer and snacks on the go!


Be careful drinking and driving! They WILL pull you over on golf carts. I know some people who were pulled over and you have to pay a good amount of money to keep out of jail and get your cart back. Get a taxi if you plan on drinking a lot. They are cheap and well worth it!


The local grocery store Chedraui is like a mini Walmart. They sell everything from mopeds to cell phones along with almost every food you can think of. I say almost because you can’t get lemons on the island.


Speaking of Chedraui, they have escalators you go up and down on with your cart! The carts are specially made so they don’t roll.


Where you get gas isn’t the same place you would buy cigarettes, lotto tickets, or snacks. They have smaller “convenience” stores dotted around the island that sell these items.


When you go to a gas station someone pumps your gas for you.



You will notice that the currency exchange rate changes from place to place. We found most places were between 18-1 and 20-1. The best place we found to exchange for pesos was at the ferry dock.


When driving in Isla Mujeres we noticed the lack of street lights and signs. Pay attention to the flow of traffic and the one-way streets. Google maps works wonders.


You will see broken glass cemented to walls as their version of barbed wire. You will also notice houses with window bars. There isn’t a lot of theft on the island, but they do need the bars to protect their houses during tropical storms.


After fishing, we kept our fish heads to give to locals for fish head soup.


This electrolyte drink is Gatorade on steroids. I was sick for a few days and this is what the doctor ordered to help. To prevent from getting sick keep hand sanitizer on you and be careful of where you eat.


Speaking of getting sick… most bathrooms make you put your toilet paper in trash cans. Watch out for signs posted so you don’t back up their toilets.


Get a $30 an hour massage at the North Beach in one of the massage tents. Don’t get it done at a hotel where you will pay double.


If you go on a sunset cruise be prepared for it possibly to be VERY crowded. If you are looking for a nice and relaxing cruise search around and ask how many people they will have on board. Most were packed with some major partying.


Most of the trees in the downtown area are painted white to keep the bugs away.