Isla Mujeres, Mexico wall paintings

Isla Mujeres is home to beautiful and sometimes odd wall paintings. The artist have great imaginations and captured the beauty and history of the island perfectly in their artwork.

What are your favorites? Have any to add that I may have missed?

Here is a list of Isla Mujeres, Mexico’s 10 Best Wall Paintings



Turtle on West side of island

I love the colors! Isn’t he cute?

Shark and woman painting downtown

Not sure what’s really going on here in this painting, but I dig it.


I love this shark and all the paintings inside-downtown

So many cool things going on in once giant wall painting. I think Porky Pig is most random.


The half leopard half woman painting downtown is one of my favorites

How beautiful is this painting? I love the colors the artist used.

Weird, but beautiful paintings downtown

Loving the colors in these paintings! So vibrant!

 I love the octopus painting downtown

The octopus is a little creepy with the vertebrae, but I love it!

Random, but really cool painting at Mia Reef

I wish this turned out better. A whole lotta beautiful chaos in this painting.

Police station wall in downtown Isla Mujeres, Mexico

The oddest police station I have seen, yet the coolest. What’s going on here?

Random, but beautiful paintings downtown Isla Mujeres

Lots of neat little paintings all displayed on one wall. Love the monkey!


Sailfish on West side of island

I think this artist did a wonderful and creative job

As you can see the people of Isla Mujeres, Mexico love their wall art and take pride in what they do. Every painting seems to tell a wonderful story and give the viewer a look at their history and culture. There were several other paintings we loved, but these topped our list as the best wall paintings in Isla, Mujeres.