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Anytime we travel we seek out the nearest Hilton. They are by far our favorite hotel to stay out with a great combo of style and comfort. We are always met with a smile and have never had bad service.

And quiet?

Yup, you will no doubt have a great nights rest here too.

I recently stumbled upon my new favorite discovery. The Hilton App. They have a new version now available, and it is AMAZING.

What is it that get’s me all giddy talking about this?

Here’s the d-low:

You can now choose your ROOM! That’s right! Not only does it let you pick out your room, but it is integrated with google maps so you can see what your view will be from your window. Bye Bye parking lot and dumpster. I don’t know how many times I have gone to a hotel (any hotel- not just Hiltons) and my room is right next to the elevator or pool. When you need a good nights rest that’s not really the place you want to be right? Also, when traveling I always wonder what my view is going to be like when I get to my room. Will I be able to see the ocean really well?

And how could this get any sweeter? The new app also acts as a digital key, you can book an Uber, AND you can order hotel food!

That is all covered now with their new app. I just made your day.

You’re welcome.


Get the app HERE!