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Maui Jim has been one of the leaders in the top of the line sunglasses. They have prescription, polarized, and are suggested by the Skin Cancer Foundation for UV protection. They are a little pricey, BUT you get what you pay for! I definitely spent double in trying to find sunglasses that fit when I could have just bought one of these.

Anyone who likes the beach, water, or just a good looking pair of glasses that is light weight and comfortable will fall in love with these glasses.

You can either buy them through Amazon or Maui Jim.

4 Reasons why we love Maui Jim


I was always bad about wearing sunglasses before Breakwalls entered my life. Sunglasses always felt heavy, and I hated the bulky feel on my face. When I wear Breakwalls I can’t even tell I have them on. I can put them on top of my head, and not even realize they are there. It’s great! I often find myself still wearing them late at night, because they are that light-weight.

      2.Don’t hurt your head

Another reason I love these is that they don’t squeeze your head. Do you ever wear sunglasses and feel like your head is in vice grips? No matter how many different sizes you try you still have that same unbearable feeling. I have not ONCE felt that way with these.


I love the polarized lenses and the pop in color that they bring out. As someone who worked on dive boats, and frequently is out fishing in the Florida Keys polarized lens are the way to go. You can see the bottom and the beautiful colors.


Since I wear my glasses all day every day and am pretty hard on them I tend to scratch them more than normal. They have held up great considering the beating I give them. Maui Jim is always fantastic about letting me send them in and get the lens replaced if I get it too scratched up. They are very quick in their turn around as well.

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